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Is it your first appointment?
Important Information Regarding Your Appointment: Please bring any necessary information

How much do our services cost?
Check our our rates for Physiotherapy, Orthotics, Redcord and Yoga, including our ICBC and MSP rates.

What to wear?
Please wear appropriate clothing for your initial physiotherapy assessment (shorts / t-shirt) and active footwear

Cancellation Policy
4-hour Cancellation Policy: You are responsible for the full cost of a missed appointment if we have not been notified.

Visit Duration
Up to 60 minutes for Physiotherapy depending on the injury and treatment required. Please park accordingly.

WCB and ICBC Claims
your claim number, referral from your doctor, documentation from WCB stating your approval for the treatment service, adjustor’s name and number. Call your adjustor with questions prior to appointment.


Once a month we send out an informative physiotherapy newsletter filled with excellent injury recovery and prevention tips plus special incentive offers. We also send out a birthday newsletter to each subscriber so that they receive a special offer on their birthday!