Physiotherapy at NSOSC

John McCordic, MSc. (PT)John_Small

 A practicing professional, John is also involved in the community providing physiotherapy at various Summer Games, nationally sanctioned swimming and judo events, plus numerous provincial level team sports. He also has a keen interest in the application of his clinical experience with the development of relevant bio-mechanical devices and equipement which create an interface between the field of physiotherapy and mechanical design.

In addition to treating sports and orthopedic injuries, John has been manufacturing orthotic devices for the past 20 years. He has integrated the evolution of today’s technology, including dynamic pressure analysis and digital imaging. Procedures measure the dynamic pressure distribution along the bottom surface of the foot while you are walking. Prescribed orthotics are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. Prior to establishing NSOSC, John was an active partner in Ski Schools for physically disabled youth, and has published comprehensive manuals relating to this specialty.

Our Physiotherapists Will:

  • Assess your biomechanical sources of dysfunction
  • Analyze your individual muscular system imbalances
  • Analyze muscle imbalances contributing to poor postures
  • Analyze limitations in your posturo-locomotor function
  • Analyze the source of, and treat your pain
  • Help break through plateaus and prevent further injury
  • Promote a safe return to your pre-injury activities
Our Physiotherapists Treat You By:

  •        Biomechanically-oriented, manual therapy techniques
  •        Providing techniques to facilitate pain management
  •        Active, medical exercise therapy prescription
  •        Injury-specific exercise training programs
  •        Postural system neuromuscular re-activation
  •        Education for correct postures and body mechanics
  •        Appropriate bracing, taping, and support
  •        Prevention through pre-season and screening programs