In Home Rehabilitation

Are you a candidate for In-Home Rehab?

In-Home Rehab is an exciting, multidimensional approach towards rehabilitation. We are happy to assist you with in-home recommendations and treatment programs specifically adapted to your situation.

Persons with the following conditions qualify for this treatment:

  • Post surgical weakness
  • Neuromuscular disorders / Stroke
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Paraplegia
  • Diabetes
  • Confined to bed-rest
  • Wheelchair dependent
  • Unable to move independently

To obtain mobility, movement, core strength, energy and confidence. We emphasize the value of exercise as an adjunct: that bed-rest is not necessarily the treatment of choice for soft tissue injury, or illness.


  • Analysis by experienced, licensed physiotherapists
  • Biomechanical needs assessment
  • Range of movement testing
  • Help establishing goals
  • Exercise the joints of your body
  • Posture correction – active & at rest
  • Development of a graduated exercise program to increase activity levels
  • Consultations with Heath Care agencies to access adaptive equipment


  • Relieve joint stiffness due to inactivity following disease or surgery
  • Reverse muscle atrophy, associated with immobility, injury & surgery
  • Provide techniques to relieve pain secondary to injury & immobility
  • Stimulates circulation, enhancing your stamina & energy level
  • Increased activity level, a benefit towards reversing the impact of osteoporosis
  • Reduce muscle tension, contractures & muscle spasm
  • Help to increase muscular strength & improve endurance
  • Provide techniques to assist you perform your daily activities
  • Evaluation of your home & recommend appropriate adaptations
  • Advice regarding equipment & aids to improve your lifestyle


  • Service to you in the community – “We Come To You”
  • In your home when you’re unable to venture outside to the clinic
  • Permits immediate post-surgical activation & mobilization
  • Access to other therapies available at North Shore Orthopaedic & Sports Clinic
  • Education of family members on simple ways to assist you at work and at play
  • Build your morale & confidence



John McCordic, B.Sc. (P.T.)


A leader in the Physical Therapy field for over 22 years, John leads a highly qualified team of allied professionals. He has earned degrees in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy form the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto respectively. John continues to pursue extensive private study in the fields of exercise physiology, bio-mechanics, and the applied analysis of muscular imbalances.

A practicing professional, John is also involved in the community providing physiotherapy at various Summer Games, nationally sanctioned swimming and judo events, plus numerous provincial level team sports. In addition to treating sports and orthopedic injuries, John has been manufacturing orthotic devices for the past 14 years.

He has integrated the evolution of today’s technology, including dynamic pressure analysis and digital imaging. Procedures measure the dynamic pressure distribution along the bottom surface of the foot while you are walking. Prescribed orthotics are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Prior to establishing NSOSC, John was an active partner in Ski Schools for physically disabled youth, and has published comprehensive manuals relating to this specialty.