Redcord Neurac

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Redcord is a revolutionary treatment used to address musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Physiotherapists and doctors from more than 20 countries recommend Redcord treatment for rehabilitation, functional strength training and injury prevention. - Please Allow Images
How Does It Work?
Research shows that physical inactivity, fatigue, or pain can deactivate one or more muscles, forcing other muscles to compensate or become stressed, often leading to dysfunction and pain.Redcord uses a unique treatment method called Neurac™, to reactivate muscles that have become weak or deactivated due to pain or lack of use. Redcord equipment is a suspension exercise system that uses a series of ropes and slings to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns.

Assessment of movement in the Redcord helps to identify weak links – alterations in muscle stability or muscle interaction. The Redcord equipment is designed to focus on the weak links and allow controlled, pain-free movement in the slings. Individual treatments are then designed to reactivate weak muscles, restore function, build strength, and prevent relapses.

Restore pain free movement patterns
Establish normal muscle coordination
Maintain normal function - Please Allow Images
Where Can I Try It?
North Shore Orthopaedics and Sports Clinic is the only physical therapy clinic in Vancouver to offer Redcord treatments. We offer one hour assessments, and half hour treatment sessions, each individually tailored to each patient’s needs. Use of the Redcord has demonstrated significant results for both highlevel athletes as well as patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. We help to identify and treat the cause of your pain, not the symptom. - Please Allow Images